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What images are not allowed?

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2014 03:20PM BRST

What Can't I Heart?

We Heart It is a community that positively encourages openness, sharing, self-expression, and inspiration. When you add an image to We Heart It, please remember you're sharing it with all the other users on the site. For those reasons, we don’t allow the following:

  • content that promotes violence or harm against people or animals

  • content that harasses, degrades, or victimizes an individual or group of individuals

  • inappropriate content, such as explicit or pornographic imagery

  • spam content, promoting unsolicited goods, services, or websites


For more information, please read our Terms of Service on what is not allowed on the site.

Please remember before uploading images: when you share something publicly on the internet, other users may make copies of that which may be impossible to take down. Just think twice before uploading that personal photo you may regret later!

Reporting Hearts

Registered users can help us moderate abusive content. To learn how to report inappropriate content, read this topic to learn how to report content from the web and apps.