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How to insert HTML codes on your site

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2011 04:03PM BRST

Editing your site's HTML may be dangerous if you're not sure what you're doing. It's probably better to ask a tech savvy friend for help :)

If your site was created on a blogging platform you must first find out if they let you insert a custom HTML piece of code on your layout. Popular platforms like Tumblr and Blogger let you do that.


Log in to Tumblr and go to, click the Edit HTML button to reveal your Blog's HTML code.

Look carefully at the code and try to find something like {block:Description} {Description} {/block:Description}. Then paste the HTML code for the widget you want to add to your page right after that.

Click Update preview to see how it will look like. The widget should appear below your Tumblelog's description. If that looks right, click on "Appearance" and choose "save".

Each Theme is different and on some the widget will fit better than on others. If the end result isn't what you were expecting, you can try to paste the HTML at some other point of your blog's code and preview it again. If your blog has a sidebar for example, that's a good place to put your widget.


On your blog dashboard, click on "layout". Then Choose "add a gadget" where you want the widget to be inserted.

There are many kinds of gadgets. The one you're looking for is called HTML/JavaScript.

Add a title if you'd like, and paste in the html code you've copied. Hit save and the widget should appear on your blog.

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